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Patsy Vork

Patsy retired from teaching middle school in 2011. At that time, she picked up her paints and brushes and resumed rosemauling, an art form she began exploring more than 35 years ago. Patsy studied rosemauling in St. Paul with Lyn Nelson, in Decorah, Iowa, with Karen Jenson, Olav Tveiten, and Sigmund

Aarseth, and in Eau Claire with Irene Lamont.


Patsy also loves to make jewelry. She created her own tools to make her beautiful necklaces and bracelets made out of, believe it or not, paper.


Patsy lives just outside of Chetek with her husband, one son, and their animals.

Jim Bednarek

Jim grew up on Potato Lake and graduated from Weyerhaeuser,WI. He has always had a love for art, especially drawing with crayons and pencils “because that’s all I had back then!”

Jim started “burning” to relax. He would use scrap pieces of wood to practice his new found talent. His wife is his editor, making sure he has no spelling errors, since that wasn’t his “strong suit”

in school. Jim is his own worst critic, saying, “If you don’t like my art, you can use it for kindling wood or a shingle to

stop a leak in your roof.”

Donn Warner

Donn Warner is a long time resident of

Chetek. He is actively involved in many local

organizations and gives his time and talent

to charities, fundraisers, and benefits. You

will often find him with his trusty bugel in

hand and he always, always has a smile on

his face and is quick with his fun-loving,

smart-ass comments. He claims his hand

carved walking sticks promote:

Health-the more you use them, the

           Healthier you get.

Weight Loss-the more you use them, the

           More calories you will burn.

Safety-first line defense against attacking

            dogs, flying carp, the casual drunk,

            and unruly geese.

“I’m a disabled veteran. All proceeds go to

wherever and whatever I want to spend them


       (See what we mean?!)